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 Jaagpad 1


The asset is located in Rijswijk, on the outskirts of The Hague, on the bank of the Rijn-Schie canal – a privileged waterfront location at the heart of the Harbor Quarter, which is on the path of conversion from office and light industrial to mixed-use and residential housing.

The asset neighbors the versatile and modern Plaspoelpolder business park, home to 400 companies, including the new EU Patent Office – an emblematic tower designed by Jean Nouvel, which houses ~2,000 staff over ~85,000sqm.


The asset is a fully occupied ~4,200-sqm student residence built in 1985 as an office building, consisting of 95 student rooms, common bathrooms and kitchens, two ground-level offices and 39 outdoor parking spaces.


Property acquired in Q4 2019 with the goal to process the permanent conversion from office to residential use, with a projected designation as student housing, along with architecture plans envisaging a substantial increase in buildability.


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